Crop Monitoring Software

Increase Efficiency

Satellite crop monitoring allows farmers to quickly and accurately assess the health, growth, and yield of crops over large areas of land. This can help them make informed decisions about where and when to apply fertilizers and pesticides, as well as where to focus their efforts for the best results.

Cost Savings

By using satellite data to identify areas of crops that need more or less attention, farmers can save money on fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs. This can help them increase profitability and reduce waste. Map My Crop currently helps farmers and agro corporate reduce the crop input cost by 40 % using the advanced VRA Maps which divides the farms into 3 to 7 zones depending on user.

Better Yield

With better information about crop health and growth, farmers can make adjustments to their farming practices to optimize yield and quality. This can lead to higher profits and more consistent crop quality using sustainable agriculture practices. We help grow better yield sustainably using our AI ML Model with focus on low productivity areas to boost output.

Early Detection

By monitoring crops on a regular basis, farmers can identify problems such as disease, pests, or water stress early on. This allows them to take corrective action before the problem becomes more severe and affects yield.

Customized Recommendations

Real-time agriculture advisory can be customized to the specific needs of each farmer and each field. This can help farmers to target their efforts more effectively and make the most of their resources.

Improved Decision-Making:

Real-time agriculture advisory provides farmers with the information they need to make quick and informed decisions about their farming practices. This can help them optimize crop yield, reduce risk, and increase profitability.

Satellite Monitoring

Satellite imagery with its benefits can present situations that can not be seen with regular observation.

AI Based Weather

Our Hyperlocal forecasting is an AI-solution that takes the context of each demand driver within each individual location into account to make accurate demand forecasts on the most granular level


Scouting is a key component of integrated pest management (IPM) in agriculture, which involves monitoring crops to identify and manage pest and disease outbreaks before they cause significant damage

VRA Maps

Variable rate application (VRA) is a precision agriculture technique that involves applying inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides at varying rates across a field, based on the specific needs of different areas of the field. VRA can help optimize crop yields and reduce input costs, as it ensures that crops receive the right amount of inputs in the right places.


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