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Satellite Imagery, GIS and AI Boost Date Palm Production in Oman

Date palms are the primary agricultural crop in Oman. The country produces more than 250,000 metric ton of dates per annum, but is still ranked only 8th in terms of production in the world. Oman wants to transform the way its date plantations approach the cultivation process in order to increase productivity, utilize resources correctly and efficiently, and improve quality. Therefore, it has initiated a ‘million date trees plantation project’ that will utilize Satellite Imagery, GIS and AI technology services offered by Hardcastle GIS Solutions for this purpose.

Most important and challenging facts about this project

Weathers, remote locations, rattlesnakes were some of the various factors which hindered regular in-person monitoring of crops. 

Benefits and outcomes of the project

Access to reliable and up-to-date crop production information is essential in the agriculture sector today. Whether one is managing a large agro-holding or running a farm, GIS offers satellite-based crop management products that provide detailed insights into the state of the crops and assist in decision-making throughout the season.

  • Tree data analyses and real-time insights on tree requirements concerning water, fertilizer, health, and other attributes provide agility to the system, which in return helps in making decisions actionable in real-time.
  • Total production has increased by 40% and the quality of the dates has also improved.


This pilot project has helped define an enterprise-wide GIS policy. The project will now be executed at the enterprise level across the country. It will help establish standards and showcase the benefits of GIS for the agriculture sector.

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