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The Digital Farmer

The digital revolution in agriculture will allow a step-change in the optimum use of crop nutrition products, which help to feed the world and protect the planet. As our challenges grow we need new tools to even maintain, let alone improve the way we grow food.

We believe Digital Farming is one key answer to these challenges.

Developed with sustainability in mind, our unrivaled pipeline of crop monitoring innovation is designed to address resistance, reduce residuals and work in synergy with our AI products. Map My Crop ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Insights’ feature properties such as Crop Health, Soil temperature, Farm score & Crop Guide. 

Featured below are our best offerings to farmers and some of the most distinctive technologies in our portfolio.


Benefits for the farmer

Digital revolution can unlock multiple benefits for the farmer. As a consequence, the farmer has many more opportunities to optimize:

  • More insights and information to informed decision making
  • Granular optimization down to sub-square meter level
  • Computer-driven decision support, basing complex decisions on facts and simulation
  • Ability to access information

A step-change in food production

Digital farming give us the opportunity to realize a step-change in food production:

  • Higher yield, as inputs are used to their full potential
  • Higher quality, as we understand more deeply the complex drivers of quality from for example optimized crop nutrition application
  • Less waste, as precisely the right amount of fertilizer is applied, tailored to weather, soil, etc.
  • Higher value, as a result of optimized operations

Shaping the tools of the future

Digital Farming is set up to help shape the future tools from Map My Crop. We explore how to transfer our unique knowledge and help farmers increase yield and reduce efforts based on new ways of collaborating and new technologies.

We launched Map My Crop in order to focus on farmers and advisors to optimize field tracking and farm productivity variably based on satellite data and Artificial Intelligence. 

This solution is app based and can be used with the almost all devices from computers, laptops, tabs and mobiles.

In the Digital Farming portfolio you also find some advanced features like, 14-day Weather Forecast, Soil Temperature and Scouting.

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