satellite based farm monitoring software

Map My Crop, a cutting-edge AI and machine learning-powered satellite-based crop monitoring software analytics company. Our Product for ANY Crops for ANY location in ANY season.

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Easy-to-use Satellite Farm Monitoring


Actionable Weather & Crop Insights


Enable Data Driven Farming Decisions.

Tailored Solution for Everyone

Farmer / Growers

Implement Crop Monitoring Solutions and reap the economic benefits you provide by saving costs on inputs, time, and labor.

Ag Input Producers

Get Actionable insights to improve supply Chain and help your team improve delivery and performance with new sales territory finding. 

Ag Cooperatives

Help farmers in your community to improve the productivity and profit and keep track of farmers in one place with seamless communications

Insurance/ Banks/ Fintech

Track the vegetation values change using satellite data to decide on premiums reducing risks with historical data & trends.

Awards & Recognition

Best Agritech Startup in World by Go Global Awards 2022
RISE Start-up of the Year 2022 by MIT-WPU 2022
Best Agriculture Startup by New York State
Top 100 Startups Globally by TIE Global at TGS 100 Startups
Best Agritech Startup awarded by Network18 at 100 Plus Sustainability.
Top 50 Startups at Latitude59 Estonia

Automated AI Based Crop Type & Boundary Detection

What Our Customers Say
MapMyCrop is a tool with good potential for use primarily for field selection and monitoring of our producers through the NDVI images. There is possibility of integration this tool to create maps for use in precision agriculture and may transfer this information to the GPS and programs serving to locate the points of collection of soil samples.”
Bernaudo CEO Brazil StarSat LLC
Map My Farmer helped me boost my Potato Yield by 30% . Due to increase in my revenue I would suggest everyone to start using Map My Crop .
Amol Tambe Farmer
The MapMyCrop helped us to reduce loss by 40% . MapMyCrop, combining weather information and satellite data, also makes it possible to monitor crops and yield forecasts.”
Kaycee Hess Farm Owner


Ha Area Monitored


Pilot Completed


+ Farmers onboard


Integration & ERP Supported

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