How it works

Get Started in less than a minute: Get started and start using our app in less than 60 seconds, search the location and draw your farm i.e. you are all set!!

Monitor from anywhere: Get real-time satellite views of your entire farm, all from your phone with our mobile app.

Spot problems early: Our AI analyzes data to detect crop stress, disease, or pests so you can take action before they impact your yield.

Why Using Crop Monitoring

Key features of Crop Monitoring Solutions

Satellite imagery with its benefits can present situations that can not be seen with regular observation.

  • Industry Highest Satellite Imagery Resolutions
  • 40 + Maps which help you understand grow stages status, nitrogen, water, moisture, etc.
  • Multiple Base Maps
  • Using 6+ Satellites including all-weather Satellite
  • Daily Satellite Imagery.

Our Hyperlocal forecasting is an AI-solution that takes the context of each demand driver within each individual location into account to make accurate demand forecasts on the most granular level

  • Hyperlocal Weather
  • Tracking 30 + Weather Data Map Layers
  • Over 100+ weather Parameters
  • High-resolution forecasts for up to 10 days ahead
  • 20+ Years Historical Data
  • Alert on Damaging weather conditions at fields, allowing farmers to minimize risks

Scouting is a key component of integrated pest management (IPM) in agriculture, which involves monitoring crops to identify and manage pest and disease outbreaks before they cause significant damage.

  • Identify red patches in your farm using our maps to identify problem areas
  • Field scouting involves physically inspecting crops in red areas to identify problems.
  • Getting the ideal location to set Traps can be used to monitor pest populations
  • Help farmers identify and manage pest and disease outbreaks before they cause damage
  • Centralized communication, share with the team and share with the community.

Variable rate application (VRA) is a precision agriculture technique that involves applying inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides at varying rates across a field, based on the specific needs of different areas of the field. VRA can help optimize crop yields and reduce input costs, as it ensures that crops receive the right amount of inputs in the right places.

  • Get maps that indicate the appropriate rates of inputs for each area of the field
  • Productivity Maps, Vegetations, Productivity Maps and so on.
  • Compatibility with top manufacturers equipment
  • Set rate for ag input product, calculate product cost, use industry standard equations or create your own
  • Auto Identify areas of the field that have different crop growth patterns or nutrient requirements VRA Maps

Our system analyzes over 150 data parameters hourly to send real-time advisories, simplifying complex information for farmers with actionable advice like “Do not water for the next 4 hours.”

Instantly identify crop diseases by taking a photo, and receive immediate information on the disease type, causes, and both natural and chemical treatment recommendations.

Our agronomists create a tailored crop calendar for you, covering activities from three weeks before seeding to harvest, with detailed schedules, pesticide and seed requirements, tips, and disease management strategies.

Start from 3 weeks before sowing to harvest all in detail with best global practice for your crop