Andrographis paniculata (Nilavenbu)
Botanical Name - Andrographis paniculata 
Family - Acanthaceae

Anti diabetic
  • Climate –
  • The plant comes up well in tropical and subtropical regions all over India.
  • Soil
  • It is a hardy species, therefore, can be grown in medium fertile sandy loam to clay-loam soils, possibly with irrigation.
  • It can withstand partial shade of trees, say few hours, but it is cultivated in open fields.

Andrograph olide

55,000 seedlings

60×30 cm

4-6 light irrigations are required till harvesting the crop.

Since it is a herbaceous plant, the field should be free from weeds. Two to three weedings are essential during the crop season viz. at 20 days and 60 days after transplantation

4 Months

2.0 t of dry herbage