Apple(Malus domestica Borkh); Rosaceae

  1. Jammu and Kashmir : Golden Delicious (Late Season), Lal Ambri, Mollies Delicious, Starkrimson, Red June, Irish Peach, Benoni and Tydeman’s Early
  2. Himachal Pradesh : Golden Delicious (Late Season), Red Delicious (Mid season), McIntosh
  3. Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh : McIntosh, Chaubattia Anupam
  4. Tamil Nadu  : Irish Peach and Zouches Pipin (Early); KKL 1, Carrington and Winterstein (Mid -season); Rome Beauty and Parlin’s Beauty (late)

Irish Peach and Zouches Pipin.Yield: April – May

Carrington and Winterstein.Yield: June – July

Rome Beauty, Parlin‘s Beauty and KKL 1.Yield: August – September.


Red lateritic soils with good drainage and high organic matter are more suitable. The soil
pH should be around 5.8 to 6.2.Liming is essential to correct the pH of acidic soil. A minimum
depth of 1.6metre is desirable and can be grown from 1200 to 2000 m MSL.


Most of commercial apple tree varieties thrive in cold and wet climate, where a cold winter is followed by cool spring and summer. Abundant sunlight is necessary, as it significantly affects the color of the fruit. Generally, the apple tree has greater needs in cold than most of other deciduous fruit trees.

One year old grafts on M.778 and M.779 rootstocks during June – July.

June to December.

4 x 4 m in pits of 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm.

Water the plants till establishment

Apply FYM 25 kg. N 500 g and 1 kg in each of P and K per bearing tree.

The tree is trained to open center system.Prune the tree every year during the month of December – January.

Wooly aphids 
The rootstocks resistant to wooly aphis viz., M 778, 799, MM 104, MM 110, MM 112, MM 113, MM 114 and MM 115 can be used.

The parasite Aphelinus mali  and the coccinellid predators should be conserved in the field. Apply carbofuran 3 % G @ 166 g/tree or phorate 10 % G @ 100 g/tree or spray any one of the following insecticide


Chlorpyrifos 20%EC2.5 ml/lit.
Malathion 50%EC1.0  ml/lit.
Oxydemeton –Methyl 25% EC1.0  ml/lit.
Quinalphos 25%EC2.0  ml/lit.

Apple scab
To control apple scab, the following spray schedule at various stages of the crop can be followed:
1. Silver tip to green tip        : Captafol or Mancozeb or Captan 2 g/lit.
2. Pink bud or after 15 days : Captan or Mancozeb 2 g/lit.
3. Petal fall                         : Carbendazim 0.5 g/lit.
4. 10 days after petal fall     : Captan or Mancozeb 2 g/lit.
5. 14 days after fruit set       : Captafol 2 g/lit.
Add stickers like Triton AE or Teepol at 10 ml/10 lit of spray fluid.  Use low volume sprayers.

10 – 20 kg / tree / year. The tree starts bearing from 4th year of planting.