Chinese Cabbage
Botanical Name - Brassica Compestris var. pekinensis(Heading type )
Brassica compestries var. chinensis (Non- heading type )
Family - Cruciferae

3)sp. Pekinensis
4)Michihili as Veg-I

Soil –

Soil Requirement of Chinese Cabbage Farming:- Chinese cabbage can be grown on wide variety of soils ranging from sandy loam to textured loam. However, well-drained sandy loam soils with good organic matter are proved to be good for excellent yield and quality produce.


Chinese cabbages only take 50 to 85 days to mature, and their optimal growth temperatures range from 18 to 20 °C with a base temperature of 4–5 °C


Seeds (375 g/ha)
45 x 45 cm

Basal Dose

 FYM 10 t/ha

N – 90 kg/ha

P – 125 kg and

K-  100 kg/ha

 Top: 90

Earthing up 60 days after planting
Crop duration 4 months
25 – 35 t/ha