Crop Monitoring

Easily monitor your crop by relying on the latest satellite imagery. Compare data layers in one place without using a specific facility.


We use High Resolutions Multi-Spectral Imagery from our existing partners. Every 1-3 Days, the user will receive a new High-Resolution Imagery.


Automated Cloud Detection & Removal with High accuracy of clouds and shadows detection in comparison with competitors’ solutions.


We provide 10+ Easy read maps which help you focus on an area that needs your most attention for better productivity and quality.

Crop Rotation

Forget paperwork. Crop rotation data for each field, including sowing dates and season, is conveniently displayed, along with the map, weather data, and vegetation indices, on one screen.

Have a bird’s-eye view of your fields. Get notified about both regular and abnormal changes in the state of your crops throughout the season based on automatic calculations.

Manage your fields online from your office or home. Know the history of your field and crop development based on 30+ years of imagery and a comprehensive list of vegetation indices. In-season imagery allows you:

Maximize sensitivity to the vegetation characteristics and minimizing confounding factors such as soil background reflectance, directional, or atmospheric effects. Compare Imagery from different provides.

Understanding the stages of a plant’s growth is essential to successful crop monitoring. Track the growth stages of your crops on the chart according to the international BBCH scale. Check the correlations between growth stages and other data on the chart (vegetation indices, temperatures, precipitation, among others) and make appropriate field treatment decisions, thus lowering costs and increasing yields.

And More

Real time

Near real-time change detection displayed on the Field leaderboard 24/7


Because of remote problem area detection and scouting take timely data-driven decisions


Deep field analytics with key factors and AI Based Automated Insights

VRA Maps

Variable rate fertilizer/seed/spraying application based on agricultural productivity map


Plan across all your fields with advanced benchmarking and prioritization activities

Multi Platform

Access our Application via a Web Application, Android and IOS Application.