For Cooperatives/ AgriHoldings

Map My Crop is a broad cooperative network for all partners in the agricultural value chain. We provide tools, resources, and information to help you produce more efficiently, economically, and sustainably.

Single Map & Dashboard

Map all your members Farm into single map or Dashboard, giving you a quick 360 overview of all the members productivity and can plan it better.

  • All Famers into One Dashboard
  • Total Yield for All Farmers
  • Track Disease & Other Farmer issue into one place
  • Field Benchmarking
    Coming Soon
Smart Scouting

As Association, you can highlight the area where farmers should focus or work on.

Automated Scouting offers precise monitoring of crop health, weeds and diseases.It helps to identify the most interesting & valuable areas for extended analytics.

  • Bulk Scouting
  • Collect Photo & Video Proof
  • Guide All Farmers
Single Communication Tool

Communications is key components for any cooperatives. Using our Communication tools, you can send advisory or disease , pest alerts to all the farmers at single click.

  • Send Notifications
  • Collect Feedback
  • Real time Communications
  • Community Mode
Over 1.5 M Farmers are getting benefit from Smart Crop Monitoring Platform
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