For Insurance/ Banking Company

Partnering with insurance companies to grow their agri-insurance portfolio


Get real-time credit and risk assessment and Automated profiling & rating for Farmer
Use satellite data as an alternate data source to monitor discrepancies
Leverage historical data insights to measure yield performance at plot level
Predictive intelligence at region, plot and crop level
Monitor risk, adjust premiums and validate claims
Satellite Imagery acts as legal proof in case of disputes

Knowing the risks, avoiding portfolio over-exposures to certain climatic hazards or just setting appropriate rates in both high and low risk zones can be a key competitive advantage for crop insurers.

Based on historical weather and satellite data going back five decades, We developed a new Agro analytics platform. Insured portfolios can easily be uploaded to the platform and a risk score for selected climatic hazards is calculated. The platform allows underwriters to better select risks and steer their agro portfolio. On a detailed scale, risk zones are identified for different perils and the frequency and severity of abnormal climate events are automatically calculated.

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Over 1.5 M Farmers are getting benefit from Smart Crop Monitoring Platform
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