Golden Rod
Botanical Name - Solidago spp.
Family- Asteraceae

Salidago canadensis, S.virgaurea and S.memoralsis

Ballardi, Golden Gate, Golden Wing, Monte D‘ oro, Monte Solo, Peter Pan, Straehlen Krone, Super and Tara Gold.

Soil –

Sandy loam and red loam soils with proper drainage.


Grown under varied climatic conditions; cooler climate gives high quality cut flower.

Throughout the year.

Commercially propagated through division of clumps or suckers.

Soil is ploughed to fine tilth, flat beds are formed and suckers are planted at 45 x 45 cm spacing.

Once in three days depending on weather conditions.

5 t FYM + NPK @ 140:175:150 kg/ha as basal and half the dose applied after every

Hand weeding done as and when required

Lace bugs
Spray malathion @ 1 ml/l.

1)Powdery mildew: Spray wettable sulphur @ 2g/l or azoxystrobin @ 1g/l.

2)Leaf Spot: Spray copper oxychloride 3g/l or hexaconazole @ 1ml/l or mancozeb @ 2g/l.

3) Root rot: Soil drenching with carbendazim @ 1g/l.

First harvest : 75 days after planting.
Harvesting stage : When 25 % of the flowers have opened.
Crop duration : 2 years

3 lakh stems/ha/crop