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Hibiscus Botanical Name- Hibiscus rosasinensis
Family -Malvaceae

Blood purifier

Soil –

Hibiscus grows best in slightly acidic soil that has a pH between 6.5 and 6.8. Prior to planting, determine your soil’s pH by testing it. If necessary, apply amendments to alter pH.


Hibiscus needs 4 to 8 months with nights that are at least 20°C. To avoid early flowering during the first five months of growth, it also needs 12–13 hours of sunshine. During their first four months of growth, hibiscus plants need a monthly rainfall of between 5″ and 10″.


Red single whorl

3085 rooted cuttings
1.8×1.8 m
3085 rooted cuttings

Monthly harvest

0.2 t of dry flowers, 0.6 t of dry leaves