Botanical Name - Artocarpus heterophyllus.
Family - Moraceae

Velipala, Singapore, Hybrid jack, Panruti selection, Thanjavur jack, Burliar 1, PLR 1
and PLR (J) 2 and PPI 1.

Soil –

Deep well drained soil is necessary for jack cultivation. Soil pH around 5.5 at the time of planting is desirable. Otherwise treat the soil with 1% Aluminium sulphate in the pit to reduce the pH. The crop comes up well in the plains and up to an elevation of 1200 m. 


Climatic and soil requirements Jack grows well and gives good yield in warm humid climate of hill slopes and hot humid climate of plains. The crop grows successfully from sea level upto an elevation of 1200 M at an optimum temperature range of 22-35o C. It cannot tolerate frost or drought.

Softwood grafting approach grafting method: Large scale propagation of jack can be
done by cleft grafting during July – August on 4 month old seedling rootstock

Dig pits of 1 m x 1 m x 1 m in size. Fill up the pits with top soil mixed with 10 kg of
FYM and 1 kg of neem cake per pit. Plant preferably grafts during June – December at 8 x 8
m spacing.

Once in a week till the plant is established. Thereafter irrigate as and when

Spittle bug  Spread yellow sticky sheets to trap bugs (3ftx2ft)
 Methyl demeton 25 EC 2 ml / lit.
 Quinalphos 1.5 % D

Rhizopus rot
 Spray 1 % Bordeaux mixture or copper oxychloride @ 2.5 g/l three times at 15 days

Yield commences from 5
th year in grafts and 8
th year in seedling trees. Harvest during

30-40 t / ha

Growing Districts: Cuddalore, Kanyakumari, Dindigul, Pudukottai,Namakkal, Tirunelveli, Nilgiris
Major Markets in Tamil Nadu: Panruti, Coimbatore
Preferred Varieties and Hybrids: PLR 1 and Local