Lemon grass (Cymbopogon flexuosus); Poaceae

OD-19, OD-408, RRL-39, Pragathi, Praman, CKP-25, Krishna and Cauvery.

Sandy loam with abundant organic matter and pH of 6.0 is suitable. It comes up well under tropical and sub-tropical conditions with a rainfall of 200 – 250 cm and high humidity.
Slips are planted at a spacing of 60x45cm spacing accommodating 37,000 slips/ha in ridges.
Apply FYM or compost at 20 – 25 t/ha as basal. Apply 50 kg N/ha annually, half at planting and half, one month after planting. From the second year onwards, first dose of fertilizer should be applied after cutting and again one month after the first dose.

Life irrigation on third day and subsequent irrigations at 7 – 15 days interval.

Hand hoeing and weeding as and when required.

Harvest the leaves first at 90 days after planting and thereafter at 90 days interval. Cut the bush 10 – 15 cm above the ground level and herbage is withered under shade for one day prior to distillation. They are then chopped into small pieces and fed into steam distillation units for distillation of essential oil. Oil recovery: 0.3 – 0.5 %.

Herbage : 20 – 30 t/ha.
First year : 50-100 kg/ha.
Second year onwards : 200-300 kg/ha.

50 x 50 cm; 75 x 75 cm

June / July