Litchi(Litchi chinensis Sonner.)

Muzaffarpur, Shahi, Dehradun,Calcutta,Early & Late Seedles, Rose Scented, Swuarna Roopa, Saharanpur

Seedlings /air layers

10 x 8 m

FYM : 60 kg,
N:100 g, P:40
g and K:400
g for 10 year
old tree.
Apply N in two
doses in Feb.
& April. FYM,
P and K to
be applied in

For Zinc deficiency spray Zinc sulphate(0.5%)

Spray dicofol 18.5 EC 2.5 ml/l against mites.

June – August

80 – 100 kg/tree

Application of two foliar sprays of 20 ppm. NAA,at pea stage and second ten days after the first spray and boric acid (0.4 %) and 2,4- D (10 ppm.) is effective in minimizing the fruit cracking and fruit drop disorder.