Botanical Name - Garcinia Mangostana

Seedlings(Freshlyextracted large, plumpy seeds are sown. When the seedlings attain 2 leaf stage they should be transplanted to 30cm deep earthen pots.)

7 x 7 m (Planting season June – July after onset of monsoon. Two year old vigorously growing seedling or grafts are planted)
From 2nd year, each plant should be applied with 10 kg F.Y.M., 50 g N, 50 g P2O5 and 50 g, K2O. This dose is increased every year and from 15 year onwards, each plant may be given 50 kg F.Y.M., 1.4 kg N, 1.4 g P2O5 and 1.4 kg K2O.

Suckers that grow up from the base of the trunk should be pruned. Mulching with grass or dried leaves helps to conserve soil moisture.
Mangosteen needs regular irrigation in places where rainfall is less. The frequency of irrigation should be decided on the basis of weather and soil moisture

April – June August –October
(Fruits are picked with peduncle when colour change starts)

500 – 600 fruits / tree (Mangosteen can be stored for 2-3 weeks at room temperature and at optimum conditions (4-6 oCwith 85-90% relative humidity) fruits can be kept up to 50 days without much loss in aroma and flavour

Disorders: Gamboge is characterized by yellow exudation of gum on the fruits and branches by direct sun light.
• Fruit splitting results in swollen arils with a mushy pulp. Heavy and continuous rains during fruit ripening favour fruit splitting.