Version 2.0 Coming Soon

The main purpose of this significantly advanced version of the Dashboard is to visually demonstrate to you all the data that we provide in our Agricultural API, such as satellite imagery; NDVI/EVI vegetation indices and values for the previous periods; current weather; forecast and historical data; accumulated precipitation and temperature; and others.

The new version might be interesting for developers of agricultural applications. The Dashboard makes it easy to get real examples of what we provide via the Agricultural API. Developers can use this tool to visually evaluate how APIs work, the quantity and quality of data, the speed of request processing, and the availability of services.

It also contains lots of interesting features for small and medium-sized farmers. With its simple interface, they will be able to get useful agricultural data for their fields, so they can monitor them and analyze their condition straightforwardly, without any need for programming. Farmers will be able to obtain important information about their fields, which will be useful during all seasons and phases of work.

The first version of the updated Dashboard will be released in a couple of weeks. Satellite imagery will be available in this version, and we will add weather data and other data feeds in the next versions.

– Neil Jadhav, Co Founder & CEO.

For early access please write us at [email protected]