Botanical Name – Pogostemon patchouli Hook.
Family – Labiatae

Johore, Java, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are commonly cultivated. Out of
these, the first one yields the best quality oil, whereas the others give harsh odour with high
oil yield.
Soil and Climate

Soil –

Well drained loamy soil with slightly acidic condition is suitable. Thrives best in hot and humid conditions, under shade of rubber, coconut, coffee, etc. The pH of the soil should range from 5.5 to 7.5 for good growth.

Climate –

Patchouli is a tropical crop which can also be grown under sub- tropical conditions.
Patchouli grows successfully upto an altitude of 800-1000m above the MSL. It prefers a warm and humid climate. The crop can be grown successfully under a fairly heavy and evenly distributed rainfall, ranging from 150-300 cm per annum.

Propagation and planting
Rooted stem cutting of 15-20 cm are used. The field is prepared to a fine tilth and the
rooted cuttings are planted at a spacing of 60 x 30 cm during April – May.

Basal: Apply NPK each at 30 kg/ha.
Top dressing: 30 kg N/ha after 3 months of planting.

Grown as a rainfed crop in hills. In plains, irrigation is to be given at 7 – 10 days
Plant Protection

Nursery application of carbofuran @ 2 kg ai./ha.

First harvest when fully grown (6 – 8 months). Subsequent harvests at 3 to 5 months
interval. The leaves are dried in shade and distilled.

30 – 40 kg oil/ha/year.