For Farmers/ Growers

No one understand Farmers Better than you, We are here to help you make Data Driven Decision, Challenge your activity plan with insights and Data points and help you grow for a Better Tomorrow


Using Crop Monitoring Platform, you can remotely track your complete farm, save input cost and reduce operations cost thus improving overall yield in the farm

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Using our AI Based Variable rate application will help you save up to 20% on seeds and fertilizers. Use zoning tools to determine the amount of fertilisers to be used.

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Satellite Based Crop Monitoring allows for early and more accurate problem areas detection.Use our scouting tools to help scout focus in right area.
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Our AI Based Weather Insights gives you 5 Days Weather forecast and alerts for your Farm. We gives Insights specific to your Farm & Crop Combinations.
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Field Planner helps you keep track and monitor with Better Planning. Monitor all your current and past activities.


We do all Hard work

We collect technical data insights via satellite Imagery, Weather, Water and economics, etc and bring easy to understand analytics for you.

Any time Access

Any minute field access with satellite monitoring and crop rotation data via our Mobile Application on IOS & Android and Web Application.

Improve the efficiency

Improve the efficacy of your practices with the clearly defined data sets and maps which are very easy to understand.

Manage your Data

Manage your data even when offline: our mobile app make it possible. Our IOS & Android Supports Offline viewing ( Coming Soon.)

Connect with Agri Expert

We connect to not only local Agriculture Expert with Global Expert via Phone, Video and Whatsapp Video Calls

Plan it Better

Develop a plan that priorities what work needs to be done in what order. With AI based Insights for detail activity planning take it to next level.

Over 1.5 M Farmers are getting benefit from Smart Crop Monitoring Platform
Tailored solutions to suit everyone