Farm Scouting

Detect in-field stress with smart scouting tools and get better profits from every hectare of your field. Inspect your fields and detect all the observations on the right stage and avoid a risk of crop failure and yield losses.
Fungus, Pests, Diseases Recognition
Irrigation & Fertilization Issues
Weeds & insects Identification
Leaf damage
Low Yield Issue
Soil Test Sampling
Water Clogging Issue

Highlight Area to Scout

Farm Owners using a Laptop or Mobile App can now easily highlight an area which needs attention, Just go to Scouting Click, Look at areas in red and place a marker with comments.

  • Look at RED patches in map and click to scout
  • Focus on the Right areas
  • Automatically Notify the ground Team
  • Plan Route for Scouting
  • Avoid Random Sampling

Pinpoint the problem areas

Pinpoint areas that get scouted first and assign scouts easily.

Place the pin on the problem area, assign a scout, and the notification about a new task will be delivered instantly.

Collect Data

Now you Don’t have to send your scout on a trip to check the problem and identify solutions. Collect reports containing span shots directly from the fields. Collect all the data you need: growth stages, plant density, soil moisture, and more

  • Collect Photograph
  • Collect Videos
  • Collection Location Data
  • Share with Agri Expert
  • Save Unwanted Expense
And More

Data Formats

Import and Export Data in your own choice of format

Share it

Share it with Agriculture Expertly using a guest Link


We now support Automated Disease Detection and Remedy/Solutions