Historical weather data available since 2008 and a reliable 14-day forecast.

Get access to daily and accumulated temperatures and precipitation rates since 2008 for any of your fields.

Use the Forecast feature to plan your field activities for two weeks ahead.

Reliable 14-day forecast
Soil & Crop Temperatures
Real Time Weather Advisory
Soil temperature

Weather Risk Assessment

Keep your crops safe by mitigating weather risks. Prevent harvest loss by letting the system warn you about potential critical events:

  • Cold Stress
  • Heat Stress
  • Water Street

Soil Moisture

Sufficient soil moisture levels are an important condition for proper plant formation and high crop yields. Monitor soil moisture for every field, to keep your crops from waterlogging and droughts and improve yields. Remote soil moisture measurements are based on satellite data that use the reflection of electromagnetic radiation for a specific spectrum from the soil surface.

  • The temperature on the 10 centimeters depth
  • Soil moisture in m3/m3
  • Surface temperature
  • Historical Soil Data since 2019

Data Points

We collect more than 40+ Weather Daily Points. Data sets include air temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other significant weather parameters. The data is frequently updated based on global models and data from more than 40,000 weather stations.

  • Ultraviolet index
  • Accumulated temperature
  • Accumulated precipitation
  • Wind
And More

Weather Alerts

Get notified about upcoming critical weather conditions

Location Specific

Get weather alerts for your Location and not your area.

Soil Data points

Adjust irrigation work and prevent crop roots damage.